About Archetype Digital Imaging Alliance
Having worked together on varied digital imaging projects for several years, Ben Blackwell, along with Mary O’Connor and Larry Guyer have formed “Archetype Digital Imaging Alliance” to expand opportunities in digital imaging services, training and consulting. Color specialist, Robin Myers has also joined the group. This formal alliance allows the organization to work on individual projects to produce the finest quality high-resolution digital imaging with unprecedented service to our clients.

Archetype Digital Imaging Alliance is an organization
combining the talents and services of:

Ben Blackwell
Ben Blackwell Photography
Senior Photographer, Training & Consulting,
Larry Guyer
A la Carte Digital Studios
Managing Partner & Photographer.
Sales & Marketing, Training & Consulting.
Mary O’Connor
High Resolution Digital Imaging Consultant
Photographer and Project logistics: Inventory, job tracking, metadata & QC. Training & Consulting.
Robin Myers
RM Imaging
robin@archetypeimaging.com Color Management & QC Specialist. Training & Consulting, Photographer.

Advantages of Working with Archetype Digital Imaging Alliance

Four highly experienced, expert principals of the business are actually handling all of the work from logistics, to scanning, to metadata, and quality control.
Principals each have over 30 years experience in professional photography and/or library science.
Experienced in handling fragile, historic and museum art.
Using HID lighting (high-intensity discharge metal halide lamps) which produce minimal heat (IR not noticeable or insignificant); ultraviolet (UV) meets museum standards to protect materials during photography.
Using Better Light Scanning Backs for imaging with 4x5 camera with large or fragile documents that cannot be imaged on a flat bed scanner. Additional equipment is used for most efficient and highest quality capture results.


Adjustable file resolution and cropping to optimize image size per item.
Software grid to adjust alignment and skew with scan preview.
Superior control of contrast and tone levels to maintain delicate detail from the brightest highlights to shadow areas.
Extremely critical sharpness with aid of Digital Focus Verification tool in ViewFinder software and Zig-Align parallelism calibration tools.
Fine tuning of exposure in software and independent lighting for precise reproduction.
Customized “Repro Curve” to assure accurate reproduction of all tones in original image.
High-resolution scanning back has NO INTERPOLATION and produces pure RGB data for each pixel. File size is adjustable for needs of reproduction of each item.
True Optical Resolution – native resolution of 244 MB files (8000 x 10,600 ).
Also capable of producing original image files to 549 MB  (12,000 x 15,990 pixels) = 384 megapixels!